When soft washing is carried out on your home’s render, you eliminate all risk of damaging it or the paint or brickwork surrounding it, or even of making the colour change or fade.

Better yet, your render will maintain its waterproofing capabilities, and your manufacturers’ warranty will be pristinely intact! Safe to use around people, pets and even plants, soft washing is a risk-free way to restore your render to its former glory, and if you’d like to more about this safe and highly effective cleaning system, read our short guide below:

Render cleaning through jetwashing in SussexWhat is soft washing?

Many homes and businesses throughout the UK use rendering on their buildings, a process in which cement mixture is applied to external walls (and sometimes internal, too) to give a smooth or textured finish. Similar to plastering, it has waterproofing qualities, but is generally used for aesthetic purposes. However, while it can transform the appearance of a property, it can also make it look tired and grubby if not regularly maintained and kept clean.

Soft washing involves professionals using a shower like spray to gently and safely remove stains on rendering caused by algae, air pollution, bacteria, mould, lichen and general grime. Self-coloured renders typically start to stain 3 to 4 years after application, and many homeowners believe that repainting is the only solution.

However, a soft wash spray will quickly restore your render to its original condition without the expense and hassle of a huge repainting job, and will last for as long as 3 years.

When is soft washing beneficial?

If your home or businesses render or cladding walls are beginning to let your home down by looking grubby, unkempt and uncared for, a soft wash carried out by professionals will help get it looking as good as new again, and costs a lot less than alternatives such as repainting.

What else can soft washing be used on?

Soft washing is a process that is safe to carry out on render (and render that has previously been painted), pebbledash, stucco and cladding. Effective where repainting and high-pressure washing are not, soft washing doesn’t damage the walls or their surface like high-pressure washing, which can allow moisture to permeate and cause even more stains in the future.

Can you soft wash the render yourself?

This is never advisable. While you might think you can save money by washing your rendering yourself, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily cause damage that will cause you even more problems further down the line, and undoubtedly more expense, too. It’s essential to use a jet washing system with just the right amount of pressure to avoid damaging the render, and even the chemicals used to destroy the mould and bacteria are carefully selected to ensure that they’re not harmful to the environment or those living in and around the property.

Soft washing is a simple and cost-effective solution to grubby, mouldy and neglected external render and cladding, both of which can make your property look like an eyesore. Hire a professional team to soft wash your external walls today, and look forward to a brighter, cleaner home tomorrow. We operate throughout Sussex including Chichester, Bognor Regis and Selsey.