Solar Panel Cleaning in Sussex

Here at Jet Wash Sussex, our dedicated solar panel cleaning service can ensure your panels are running at maximum efficiency. Checking the sun can reach the solar cells properly will ensure that your investment pays off.

Our expert cleaning professionals use an environmentally friendly water-fed pole cleaning system to complete the highest standards of cleaning. It is important to maintain regular cleaning to prolong the lifespan of the panels. It will also reduce the risk of needing repairs, so is always cost-effective over time.

Many types of dirt can stick to panels, including bird droppings, tree and plant sap, and lichen and this can build up very quickly. All solar panel manufacturers will recommend that their products are cleaned regularly to ensure maximum output and give you peace of mind.

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Why is regular solar panel cleaning important?

Many things can contribute to the build-up of dirt on your solar panels. Accumulation of grime and dirt will prevent sunlight from reaching the cells, resulting in poor system performance and decreasing efficiency by up to 30 per cent.

It is essential to employ professional cleaners to clean your solar panels. We complete power cleaning using purified water that offers a powerful, yet gentle clean. The water will never smear or leave deposits.

Regular solar panel cleaning will:

  • Ensure maximum output: Our solar panel cleaning will ensure that sunlight can penetrate the panels effectively, protecting your investment.
  • Maintains warranty: Most manufacturers of solar panel manufacturers will have regular cleaning as a warranty condition. We can provide the paperwork to show you have had your solar panels clean to offer you peace of mind.
  • Save money: Solar panels are an investment and we want to make sure you get a proper return on your investment. Our solar panel cleaning prices are highly competitive and affordable.
  • Protect against wear: Allowing lengthy periods between solar panel cleans can cause your panels to decay and deteriorate over time. Regular solar panel cleaning reduces the chance of needing costly repairs.

Why choose Jet Wash Sussex for solar panel cleaning?

Keeping your solar panels clean should be part of your exterior maintenance. We provide all types of exterior cleaning for residential and commercial customers in Sussex and beyond.

  • We can provide solar panel cleaning as part of other cleaning services, such as roof cleaning, render cleaning, or conservatory cleaning.
  • Our power cleaning experts are fully qualified and certified to complete all types of exterior cleaning including cleaning solar panels. Health and safety are central to our work and we complete all cleaning from the ground using water-fed poles, negating the need for scaffolding.
  • Our solar panel cleaning is offered at low prices. All quotes are comprehensive, with no hidden costs.
  • We can clean all types of solar panels and will always offer a fast and efficient service, minimising disruption. We are highly experienced at cleaning all types of roof-mounted solar panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Jet Wash Sussex are available for solar panel cleaning across West and East Sussex, including :-

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