Pressure Washing for Swimming Pool Surrounds

Impress your guests at your next pool party. The Jet Wash Sussex team use specialist equipment to cut through dirt and grime and leave the areas around your pool absolutely sparkling.

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Swimming Pool Surround Cleaning

The Benefits of Cleaning Swimming Pool Areas & Surrounds

There are a number of benefits to jet washing the area around swimming pools:

  • Presentation
    No one wants to swim in a pool that looks tired and dirty. Pressure washing will leave surfaces sparkling and looking fresh, restoring them to its original glory.

  • Dirt and grime removal
    It’s difficult to remove dirt and grime without the proper equipment and knowledge. Our jet wash machines are powerful enough to blast through the muck without damaging the surface.

  • Remove and prevent algae growth
    Powerful jet washing is ideal for removing algae growth, but we also use a combination of safe and non-aggressive chemicals to stop regrowth for at least a couple of years.

  • Keep your poolside safe
    The build up of algae and grime is the perfect recipe to create a slippery heath and safety hazard – especially on wet surfaces. Regular cleaning keeps your poolside safe and slip-free.

  • Suitable for domestic & commercial swimming pools surrounds
    We can jet wash swimming pool surrounds in any setting whether for private or commercial use including private homes, hotels, spas and leisure centres.

Pool Surrounds: The Surfaces We Clean

No one want to swim in a dirty pool – so people often think about cleaning and maintaining the inside of a swimming pool, but often much less thought goes into keeping the swimming pool surround as clean as the inside.

However it’s vitally important to keep the surround clean as it’s the perfect spot for algae to grow and spread thanks to the wet conditions. As well as looking unsightly, this can be dangerous as it effects the surface of the surround and can make it slippery.

We clean all types of outdoor surfaces, including patio tiles, decking, block paving slabs, concrete, tarmac, sandstone, resin bound and tiled surrounds. Contact us to book a FREE site visit with us and we will be happy to assess your poolside and prepare a FREE, competitive quote.

The Importance of Clean Swimming Pool Surrounds

Swimming pools are a fairly common feature in West Sussex. You might think that thanks to the filters that they are more or less self-cleaning – however swimming pool and swimming pool surrounds need a lot of care and attention to keep them looking good and functioning safely.

The areas around a swimming pool make the perfect breeding ground for algae, bacteria and bugs that thrive in the damp conditions – creating a slip and health hazard. As with a patio, swimming pool surrounds tend to have a lot of footfall and can easily become grimy. We are equipped to clean all types of pool surrounds including decking, paving stones, tiles and concrete. We use high pressure to jet wash the areas, but for really stubborn residue, we’ll ramp up the heat and use the power of steam to remove tough stains.

As with most of our other services, we offer swimming pool surround cleaning to both our domestic and commercial pressure wash clients. We are available to clean private swimming pools, and commercial and public swimming pools alike – such as those found in hotels and leisure centres facilities.

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Sparkling Swimming Pool Surrounds in West Sussex

Jet Wash Sussex can transform your swimming pool surround in West Sussex, including: –

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